Wood veneer sounds good

Veneer gives drums not only a unique look , but also a unique sound

John Good

When he was 17-years-old, Drum Workshop Inc., executive vice president and drum designer, John Good began drumming lessons with Southern California drum teacher, Don Lombardi at his teaching studio, “Drum Workshop.” After three months, Lombardi confessed to Good, that while he had many students who would have successful careers in the music industry - John would probably not be one of them.

Indeed, Good would never go on to have a successful career as a working drummer, but his influence on the drumming world would prove to be even more impactful. In conjunction with his former teacher; Good went on to launch Drum Workshop, Inc, and the rest is history. Affectionately nicknamed, “The Wood Whisperer” by none other than legendary Rush drummer, Neil Peart – Good is world-renowned for the depth and breadth of his knowledge of wood veneer and its resonant properties.

Furnier beim Schlagzeug
Furnier beim Schlagzeug

Not only does wood veneer make DW drums aesthetically beautiful to look at, but each different type of wood veneer used in different configurations affects the sonic properties of the drums themselves.

John Good had a very early interest in how the different wood veneers used in making DW drums influenced the sound a drum produces. Good is one of the few people, who recognizes not only how different types of wood affect the tone, pitch and resonance of the drum.

Furnier beim Schlagzeug

Furnier beim Schlagzeug

But he is also a pioneer in the world of researching how tensions produced by different grain configurations (horizontal/vertical/diagonal) affect drums’ sonics. Even after 40 years of working and experimenting with veneer, Good is still fascinated by the natural material and is always on the lookout for new veneers, which might be suitable for manufacturing drums.

In 2014, the company expanded to include other iconic American instrument brands including Gretsch Drums®, Latin Percussion®, Toca Percussion®, KAT® Technologies, Gibraltar Hardware® and Ovation Guitars®.

Furnierte beim Schlagzeug

Dave Grohl

John Good

Forty-four years later, Drum Workshop, Inc. is still a family-owned and operated musical instrument company best known for designing and manufacturing award-winning drums, pedals, hardware and accessories under the DW and PDP banner.


DW’s wide range of products is endorsed by many of the world’s top artists including: Neil Peart, Charlie Watts, Chad Smith, Phil Collins, Sheila E., Melissa Etheridge, Mick Fleetwood, Don Henley and Dave Grohl among others. Drum Workshop, Inc. is headquartered in Oxnard, California.