Design lamps made of veneer

Timeless designer lights with lampshades overlaid with real wood create a warm, comfortable room atmosphere.

Furnierte Lampe.

Classic bulbs with warm light are no longer allowed to be sold. The most environmentally friendly alternative is the LED lamp. It has a long life and is very ecological, but its light is cold. Can a warm, comfortable home atmosphere be created at all with an LED light?

Too right it can! The two young entrepreneurs Matthias Stölzle and Pascal Poschenrieder prove this impressively with their lamps with lampshades overlaid with real wood. The veneer lampshades not only create a warm, comfortable room atmosphere, but as true works of art they also improve each room they are in.

Furnierlampe im Schlafzimmer.
Lampe mit Furnier

The name of the company expresses the intention of the two directors: "LeuchtNatur" - "Natural light" stands for a harmonious relationship between lamps and technology and nature.

In times of fast-moving and short-lived fads and permanent change, surrounded by manifold technology which often appears sterile and cold, an increasing number of people yearn for relaxation and cosiness, and even if it is only within their own four walls.

Matthias Stölzle

Furnierte Lampen in der Küche.

Producer of lamps with lampshades made of wood veneer

Lampe mit Furnier.

Pascal Poschenrieder

Matthias Stölzle
Pascal Poschenrieder

LeuchtNatur produces high-quality design and luxury lamps with lampshades made of real wood. As each piece of veneer used is unique, each lamp is also a one-off item. Lamps made by LeuchtNatur not only stand for successful combination of technology and nature, but with their warm light they also transform each room into a feel-good zone. All lamps are 100 percent Made in Germany.
With their warm "natural lights" Stölzle and Poschenrieder transform rooms in the home into a peaceful retreat. However, at the same time the technical art of engineering is not neglected and light, nature and technology are combined on the highest level.

This is confirmed not least by the awarding of the renowned TechnikGreen Product Award - Selection 2015 to NaturLeuchten.