Skis with veneered surface

"Every top ski is made of wood."

There's no question about it: Chris Dexle is a real skiing enthusiast. As a passionate skier he enjoys racing down the slopes on his "boards" as often as possible. He is very precise with the "boards", because his skis are wooden boards in the true sense of the word.

Chris Dexle has always known: That a top ski can only be made of wood, or it must at least have wooden core. His skis also have a veneer surface on the top.

Chris Dexle mit Holzski

Ski mit furnierter Oberfläche

Chris Dexle mit Holzski
Furnierte Ski


Chris Dexle fährt Holzski

Producer of skis with veneered surface

Chris Dexle liebt Holzski
Ski mit furnierter Oberfläche

Chris Dexle

Skis do not have to look boring. Chris Dexle proves this with his hand-made wooden skis. His skis with veneered surface are always a one-off and are becoming increasingly popular.
Completely wooden skis not only look great, but are also a one-off, because each veneer pattern is unique. Chris Dexle has long since infected all his friends with his enthusiasm for veneered skis. Understandable, because who wouldn't want to have their own individual skis.

The personal range of Chris Dexle now includes a good half-dozen pairs of veneered skis. Skis with a light-coloured veneer pattern are his current favourite. But that can change quickly, because veneers have an almost infinite number of different colours and patterns.