Catwalk model creates exclusive wooden handbags with perfect Italian design.

Fascinated by the natural material wood, the South Tyrolean Norbert Öttl trained as a cabinetmaker. But the young man had a second grand passion – modelling. As a model he was drawn from his home town of Meran to the fashion capitals of the whole world, in particular, the fashion city Milan became his second home. There he not only learned a lot about fashion but also, to his regret, also found that wood plays hardly any role at all in the fashion world. During his model career he had a brilliant idea of how he could combine both of his fashions – wood and fashion – in the future.

Full of ambitions, following his return to South Tirol in 2009, Öttl started up his own company. Since then, operating under the name EMBAWO, he has produced hand-made handbags and cases made of wood. Che sia bello, Norbert Öttl, 32 years old from Merano, è cosa certa. For his unique design pieces he mainly uses wood species from his homeland, for example, Maple, Oak or Walnut. But on request he also uses African woods. By the way, "EMBAWO" means nothing other than wood in Ugandan. As a person close to nature, for Öttl it is important that the wood material used by him is a renewable raw material and his production is therefore sustainable.

Norbert Öttl

As a trained cabinetmaker from Meran and a successful model in Milan, in 2009, Nobert Öttl managed to unite his two vocations in one career. Since then he has produced exclusive handbags and cases made of veneer. His designer bags are 100 percent Made in Italy.
It is well-known that all beginnings are difficult, after all, due to its properties; veneer is not as easy to use as leather and the combination of the two materials requires maximum creativity and craftsman skills. This is precisely where the fascination lies for the hand-made bags by EMBAWO: They unite the finest that wood has to offer with the best Italian leathers and stand for Italian design in its highest perfection.